Gratitude | Beginning 2020

Starting off the year with a new updated blog and the excitement for the year ahead! It only seems fitting to begin this new blog with our family’s opportunity to give back this past Christmas Eve with the Jesus in Disguise Ministry. I first came across this ministry back in October 2019.   I had then had the opportunity to record the Crystal’s story who is the founder of Jesus in Disguise. Crystal has built Jesus in Disguise aka JID from the ground up. This ministry was birthed out of pure love to serve the people she used to encounter on a day to day bases. Crystal was left by abusive parents on the street at the age of 12. She was then chronically homeless for 20 years before starting JID and becoming “housed” for the first time this past year. Crystal had an encounter with God, as well as, encountered loving people who were acting as Jesus in disguise for her. From that her goal with the ministry is to be family to those who have no family or support system.

  • My favorite picture of the day. Crystal said this was her first happy Christmas. So beautiful.

Crystal and her team go out and serve 50-100 homeless in the streets of Downtown St. Louis food, clothing and the Gospel. Jesus in the Disguise is a beautiful and direct impact ministry.  Witnessing how they shared God’s love with the people they serve was breathtaking. This experience truly humbled myself and my family.

Crystal going back to the home that she new for many years. Living under an overpass. The joy that overcame her is hard to express in words. It was one of those knock you over full circle kinda moments. The moment that hit you to the core of you soul. God IS SO GOOD!

The saying is true, it is better to give rather than receive. This experience was the best gift our family received for Christmas. We are forever changed. We have learned to look at each person homeless or not with the love of Christ. We need to realize we don’t have to go far away to do mission work. There is God’s work right here in our own neighborhoods. To find out more about Jesus in Disguise visit  


Adios for now! – Jessica



Crystal had not seen this man in a long time. He has a special place in her heart.